Over paying? Carson

Half ppr

Looking to trade either diontae johnson or Justin jefferson with singletary to land Carson

Is that too much and which WR would you prefer to trade away

MY team
ceh, robinson, singletary, harris, mattison
Adams, Ridley Jefferson, Johnson

Their team
Zeke Gibson Carson
McLaurin,Hollywood(bye), Parker(bye), Scotty Miller( in their lineup projected 4pts)

Honestly, with his RB depth (lack thereof really) I can’t see him giving up Carson for Singletary, with a WR thrown in, even though that team desparately needs RB & WR depth.

You may have to come off either CEH or J Rob to make it juicy enough to get Carson (which I would do for Carson, assuming redraft league).

kinda concerned that way too this league rarely trades too

Giving up either of those guys wont help me much though i need a 3rd decent rb i tried for taylor ekeler and dj with no luck so i was hoping to pick on bye week weaknesses

If they would take it youd be cool giving that though right? any preference which WR id guess Johnson because theyd need it this week

If that guy somehow accepted Carson for Singletary and any of those WRs you should be thrilled. WRs can always be found on waivers, plus Singletary hasn’t been great. Carson is top 10 this year.

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I personally would try J Rob/Johnson for Carson first. If rejected, then try J Rob/Jefferson if you want Carson that bad.

I, personally, am high on Jefferson’s upside compared to Johnson. However, Carson’s upside compared to J Rob, and somewhat CEH, is way higher and Carson has the safer floor as well.

Robinson has been such a steal off waivers id hate to lose him but your right thats still an upgrade with carson over him and jags are on bye next week

I think ill try to offer it up theres some lower wr on the waiver i could stash with the extra spot but adams ridley jefferson should cover me for most weeks

*edit Also been trying to move singletary in any trade package i can and had 0 luck. seems like he should eventually do better on such a winning team but it just hasnt happened yet
(he was solid last year :frowning: )

Hey DJ owner just got back to me with MT having a new injury he might be looking for a WR would you do the same trade for DJ

or only with the singletary and one of the wr

Dj isnt Carson so adding robinson probably seems a bit steep to me

DJ owner team
dj gurley freeman gordon
MT Metcalf John Brown and gallup

I would see what his offer for DJ would be. DJ will certainly have the volume compared to Singletary.

Johnson for DJ is an accept trade, IMHO.

so Robinson and Johnson got declined for carson immediately i just assume they dont want to trade. that owner almost never has unless its wayyy in their favor

Dj owner said no to singletary and johnson and i think that was a fair offer if i add robinson im not getting enough back.

I may just be stuck hoping Singletary starts to get the work he did last year and gets to just mid rb2 level

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