Over thinking an easy yes?

Half ppr

My k. Allen, Corey Davis and Eli Mitchell
His Ridley, theilen, David Johnson( or roundtree)

I have Kamara, Mixon D. Harris, Murray
Diontae, AB, J. Meyers outside the trade

He wants it done before this weekend with only cook and Jacobs as real starters and Jacobs hasn’t practiced.

I feel hesitant about the Ridley “upgrade” over Allen but theilen over Davis seems great and Mitchell was a waiver that may not pan out with sermon with what I have idk if he’d ever be flexed outside of byes and even then still probably not with 3 top 20 wr and AB who might be

I think there are concerns with either side, but I believe Atlanta will figure out how to get Ridley the ball. You can shoulder the loss of Mitchell with your RB depth.

You’d still take the side I’m getting by the sounds of it?
I’m not crazy on theilen but he’s better than Davis for sure and probably gets played over diontae most weeks

Yes I do the deal. Ridley and Thielen will be huge impact players for you. Having them as WR1 and 2 is more of an upgrade than what you lose at RB in my opinion.

I’m hopeful for Mitchell but he’s firmly your fourth RB and even if all shakes out great for him he’d be RB2 without you losing a guy to injury.

Yeah. I think it’s a solid deal for you.

@AxeElf @jtess72

Curious on your thoughts if you dont mind

The WR upgrade helps you more than the potential RB downgrade hurts you. I’d be good with this even with the understanding that DJ will likely be a drop for you sooner rather than later.

I think Keenan and Ridley have similar top-5 upside, but I’d much rather have Thielen than Davis.

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I feel like Keenan has a much better path to a Top 5 WR this year Ridley will still be like a top 15 guy I just struggle to believe that offense will be able to get him the points id be expecting. But the Thielen over Davis makes up for some of that I guess…

Just struggling to let go of Allen for it.

Also would you prefer Roundtree with ekelers hammy issues already or DJ who already got a TD. Either is most likely a drop candidate but just who should I get anyways

DJ is never an option for me.

You certainly don’t have to sell me on wanting to keep Keenan. I think Ridley has a slightly higher ceiling specifically in half-point if he reaches a next-level TD total of 12+, but Keenan has one of my favorite floors in fantasy.

He’s also arguably my favorite receiver, so if you view it as equal or close, factor in who you like, too.

It’s really the TD-upside of Thielen that you need to figure out. How much do you like that?

Also - if he’s really targeting that RB upgrade and there’s a world where he does Davis/Mitchell for Thielen/DJ, I think I’d pull the trigger on that.

And yes, I’d personally prefer Rountree to DJ.

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The issue with that would be that getting just thielen would add to my bye issues Keenan and Diontae and Thielen all have week 7 byes. which would put me in a huge hole that week

We talked about that possiblity and he was obviously cool with it because of the RB need but I turned it down because of that problem

Id be starting AB and J. Meyers currently in that week.

Week 7 does suck. I have about 7-8 starters out that week.

Yeah, I’d just be willing to eat it that week. I’m screwed in one league in particular where I have heavy Dallas and Minnesota stock along with Keenan.

Just trot out some warm bodies, hope for the best and smash in your other weeks.


Ended up with thielen and David Johnson for Corey Davis and Mitchel (21 faab)

Seems like an upgrade that I can be happy with. I’ll feel even better if sermon looks good and Mitchel was a flash in the pan

Time will tell

I don’t think it’s a slam dunk. Ridley probably has the highest ceiling, but we’re expecting Atlanta to figure it out post Julio. Keenan Allen has year 2 Herbert, and might not get as many TDs, but he’s still going to get a ridiculous amount of targets. The Chargers didn’t even have a good fantasy game last week. I think Corey Davis and Eli Mitchell could easily outperform Thielen (I don’t care about the throw in RB). I would prefer to stand pat in your situation since it feels like a lateral trade and you have plenty of upside with your guys.