Over-thinking dynasty trade?

I am sure I know the answer to this but, I want to make sure since my brain is trying to psyche me out:

In a 10-team PPR dynasty, I was offered Kmet/Gage for Mapletron (Claypool).

Logical part of the brain says Mapletron’s upside is huge compared to either one of them.

The illogical part says Kmet and Gage have the potential to both out score Claypool, who seems kind of boom or bust.

Am I overthinking or should I accept? Season hasn’t even started yet, and I am waffling, jeez.

Thanks for any feedback.

Trade has been updated to:

Kmet/Gage for Everett/Elijah Moore.

Long term Kmet excites me more than Everett but I would think Everett is the better play in 2021 (but Seattle does have several big mouths to feed first so he could easily be just the same Everett that was on Rams that doesn’t do much for you)

Gage should be an immediate boost over Moore but longer term I would expect Moore to have much higher upside.

I don’t mind the trade. Kmet is the player that I would want most at this stage as he could easily be a big part of Bears receiving group soon. I’d love to keep Moore and see what he becomes but I still want to have Kmet on my team more than him.

I think my hang up is the potential upside of Moore compared to Gage. Gage to me will be good, but boring middling/low WR2 at best fantasy player, if he hits.

Yeah, I like Kmet. I have him in other leagues.

Overall, you make good points. Thanks as always @Mr_Wind-up_Bird.

I’ve also just saw Crowder is on covid list so potentially Moore gets let loose right away. I’d kinda hoped Crowder would be a thorn that especially in redraft allows Moore to be dropped. Looks like he gets his shot now.

And yes Gage is probably the next Crowder or bargain bin crowder. Unexciting but a guy you can plug in. Just don’t expect much except not costing you the game.

Dang, too late now :rofl:

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