Overpaying for Ekeler? Thoughts?

Just curious on your thoughts…

I offered someone J Williams & Kupp to receive Ekeler. They said I would have to “give up more than that”. Am I crazy, or am I already overspending? This person could use another RB and WR…

It depends on everyone’s needs. It isn’t unreasonable for him to try to get more, but it is questionable whether or not you should do that unless you are desperate for an RB. Kupp and Ekeler are pretty similar guys right now. Solid options who each play second fiddle to someone more talented/dynamic.

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Really, I was trying to trade for a solid pass catching RB since I had to deal with the Bell saga. The other guy is rostering 2 QBs & Ds, so I figurined he could use another WR

I’d just be careful giving up much more. I"m just saying if the guy needs both RB and WR then he doesn’t have much reason to do this trade as it is. Jamaal Williams isn’t really going to even play now. A lot less, at least.