Overreact or actual concern?

I was let down super hard by Alex Collins, Rex Burkhead, Trey Burton

Should I be concerned about any of these guys or was it really just a down week?

It’s 1 week so i’m going with no. But Alex collins disappearing was odd and i didn’t see New England but i was predicting a bigger workload for white before the game so i’m not surprised. Trey was targeted just failed a lot so I’d anticipate it gets better. the bears altogether just pulled a bears and pooped their pants against GB last night.

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I also feel let down by hopkins and the saints D. Aside from Keenan Allen, Andy Dalton was the only player that even met expectations lol

On to week 2!

I’m just glad Dalton pulled through in the end. Watching the game itself was hard and he had me cringing alot.

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From the Collins perspective, Matthew Berry mentioned that while the game was within 2 scores Collins was on filed for a little over 60% of the snaps. I’m sure they were just rotating everyone in since the game was well in hand. But overall do not overreact to these guys after week 1. Burton was second most targeted, just didn’t convert

Collins - There is a legit concern here. I was concerned the entire off season about his hype mainly because it did not look at all like the organization was fully behind him. Given they have zero invested capital, etc. Also, I just don’t think he’s that talented tbh when watching his film. Not sure if you watched the game, but basically what happened was he scored a TD, then he went out and fumbled the ball and got benched. Fumbles was a LEGIT concern for collins, even all of last season. He didn’t get the workload until he could prove that he wasn’t a liability. The fact that they pulled him after one fumble shows he is on a very, very short leash. And that worries me a lot with Dixon behind who proved he was also a pretty capable back. Also with Flacco looking pretty damn good, the team might be more of a passing heavy team this year anyway. My advice? Wait till he blows up and has a good game, and sell him. Don’t want to deal with those types of concerns for your RB2.

Burkhead - Not worried. He played 50% of the snaps and got 18 carries and was the clear lead back. Houston just has a very good run D. In week one, I am concerned about usage first, results second. If you get the usage, the TDs / yards will follow. I always expected White to lead the backfield in targets this week based on match-ups. They know Burkhead is not a workhorse so if he leads in carries, they are not going to force him to also lead in targets. 50% of a patriots backfield is better than 80-90% of most other backfields. I wouldn’t be worried here at all.

Trey Burton - I am split on this one. From a usage perspective, he is definitely there. Played 87% of the team snaps, was the 2nd most targeted on the team. But i just watched Trubisky consistently miss on his throws. Frankly, I don’t understand how the bears missed so hard on him as a prospect. Just watching him play, he is not a good QB. Does not go through his progressions and consistently misses easy give’me throws. So I am in on Burton, but I am as I have always been, off of Trubisky. Having said that, I think as season goes on, they will hopefully be able to develope some more chemistry. The usage of Burton is what gives me hope so I don’t thin it’s time to panic just yet.

I believe Dixon is hurt and may miss some time already.

I wouldn’t be too worried about Hopkins yet. Whoever plays the patriots, it’s well known that if there is one thing a Bill Belichick defense will do, it is to take away your best offensive weapons. That weapon is Hopkins. He faced man coverage from Gilmore with safety help the entire game and he still put up 8 for 80. He got tackled at the half yard line so was basically an inch away from a TD. If he got that half yard, you’d be talking about him as advertised, a bonified STUD MUFFIN. Also, Watson had the worst game of his career. I expected regression for Watson, but not by this much. Be patient, your bet on Hopkins will pay off. Still a mortal lock in my eyes for top 5 WR this season.

You’re right he did get hurt. But don’t think it’s season ending right? Point remains though, Buck Allen and Dixon both payed like 40% of the snaps. Granted it was a blowout so maybe they benched Collins to make a point but just the fact he is on that short of a leash, would make me very nervous.

I own no shares of Collins though so maybe that makes me slightly biased.

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ravens game was a blow out, they didnt want to risk injury to their starters, burkhead is going to get increased carries since hill went down, burton was a surprise no show last night but im optimistic he can make a connection with trubisky

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