Overthinking? DJax over AJ Brown, Chark...?

Am I overthinking this and trying to be cute?
I’m tempted to start DJax over AJ Brown, DJ Chark and Devante Parker… My WR1 is DJ Moore, and my flexes are locked (Mixon and Aaron Rodgers as superflex).

I fear that without Fournette and his million touches, defenses won’t need to stack the box and will start double-coverage on Chark.

Also, my Qb is Wentz, so it would make for a nice little stash (but increased risks)

Let’s take AJ Brown out of the question as benching him for Djax is crazy talk. I would have no concerns with starting DJax over Chark or Parker. Considering Parker is going against Gilmore, he would make the most sense to bench.