Owen Three - Need Help

I’m now 0-3 and I need help. I feel like I can’t buy a win and I’m not really sure what moves I could even make given my teams just been banged up. Roster Below:

QBs - Watson and Traded a TE for Burrow
TE - Hunter
RBs - D. Johnson, Mixon, Mostert, Gaskin, J. Kelly
WRs - Julio, Diggs, Kenny G, N. Harry
K - Blankenship

Not sure what moves I need to make, either waivers or trade options given my teams issues seem to be with everyone being banged up or unproductive.

You’re stuck with injuries but don’t completely tilt you have talent just need to get healthy.

Your WRs have some buying power if you can make a package with DJ or Mixon for an upgrade. I would look at low-end RB1 or RB2.

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