Owner accidentally dropped someone onto waivers

-Owner realized this morning that he accidentally dropped Ebron to pick up Riddick
-He intended to drop Bibbs
-Commissioner reversed this morning via manual override to give Ebron back.

How would your league handle this?

Depends on how competitive the league is lol
If is a friendly league, i believe is right to reverse the drop…
But if it is an overly competitive league, with big money prizes and such, then i believe it should stay as it was

Did anyone pick up Ebron or have a request that got overruled? If not then i’m sure people would be up in arms but that’s not as big a deal to me, mistakes happen. No one is dropping Ebron intentionally…

If someone had a claim in though this does muddle it a bit and if there was a way to check a time log of when the Ebron owner contacted the commissioner vs when the claim was submitted for Ebron then i would do it on a first come first serve basis. Otherwise the commissioner has made his decision and also set a precedent for all other owners if they make a ‘mistake drop’ so everyone else gets the same treatment and the league will have to live with it, it’s not a big enough of a deal to go any further beyond having a vote to say in future this will not be possible. That’s my view

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