Owner Dynasty Simulator (Start-Up, IDP, Special Teams, $100 Entry Fee)

Welcome to the Owner Dynasty Simulator, one of the deeper leagues in Fantasy Football.
A 16-team, 30-player roster, start-up dynasty league that features the likes of IDP, Special Teams, four divisions and hopefully, a lot of fun. I’m Commissioner/Owner Balty. This is my Sleeper League. At the end of this post is a link to the league, but right now, I want to explain some aspects of the league, and maybe it’ll incentivize you to click the link with cause.

16-team $100 entry Start-Up Dynasty League.
IDP and Special Teams involved, 30 Player Rosters
May 8th Draft Date

Aspects of the League:

Like I said, this league is 16 teams with four divisions. Four teams per division, each with their own “fantastical” name. These divisions include: Myths, Fables, Dreams and Legends. For a spot in any of these divisions, first come first serve, a franchise fee of $100 is required, which will then be placed in the $1600 prize pool. With an 8 playoff team total, starting in Week 15, the winning splits will cover all 8 spots.
1st - $640
2nd - $320
3rd-4th - $160
5th-8th - $80

The lower bracket will be toilet bowl style having each losing team be thrown down further into the lower bracket, all in order to determine who will be drafting where in the off-season. *It should be recognized that with this system, the ability for teams to tank purposely is possible, and in order to avoid this, a projection lock will be put in place for lower bracket teams during the playoffs. Rosters will be analyzed to ensure that players that are designated out are not activated for game time, as well, purposeful insertion of players that will not earn any degree of snap count is strictly prohibited. In essence, teams must field a full ten players on offense and defense. In reference to the projection lock mentioned earlier, lower bracket teams will automatically be assigned a lineup based on their team’s best projection, with GM leeway made for 2 spots on both sides of the ball respectively. If this idea has merit, it will go unchallenged during the league, but I don’t believe I’m a Roger Goodell level commissioner, and I’m willing discuss a change. However, any purposed change should maintain the integrity of the “sport” of Fantasy Football.

This league also includes 7 supplemental draft rounds, 2 Taxi Squad spots, and 4 IR spots. At the beginning of each season, each franchise will start $1000 worth of FAAB.

As for league names and pictures, anything profane will be denied, but this should really go without saying.

The Depth Chart:

Alluded earlier, this is a 30-player roster. Therefore each franchise will have 10 players on both sides of the ball, offense and defense, as well as 10 spots to use on their bench. These roster spots include:
Offense: 10 Defense: 10
QB - 1 IDP - 1
RB - 1 DL - 3
WR - 2 LB - 3
TE - 1 DB - 3
WRT - 4 Bench: 10
K - 1

Trust me, if Punters could’ve been included, they would’ve (I know how much Jason would love that). Following each off-season, teams will be required to drop their teams down to 25 team rosters. Meaning alongside the other free agents, as well as the draft class, there will be an additional 80 players to select during the 7-round Rookie/FA draft. If a franchise wishes to use their draft picks to acquire capital elsewhere via trade, they are available to do so.

If They Did Something, That’s A Point:
Now I’m not going to go into the niddy-gritty of every score setting, as that’s available in the link, there are some things that I wanted to point out. This league is full PPR as has become customary on some platforms, and many of the stats you’re familiar with have gone untouched, yard gainage, TD’s, etc.
Contrary to other leagues though, kicking scores have become more interesting, with better splits as the distance grows exacts being 3/3.25/3.5/4.25/5.75, per the standard ranges. On the defensive side, sack yards are worth 0.2/yd, the sack itself worth 4.5. While Int Return, and Fumble Return yards are both 0.1/yd, those, the INT/FMB, being worth 5 and 3 respectively. Tackles are specified between Solos and Assisted at 1.5 and 0.75 respectively, while the standard “tackle” will not be given credence to.
As of now the Passing situation is standard issue, with 4point Passing TD’s, however I would like to workshop 6pt TD’s, but counteracting it with -6 pick sixes. It’s welcome to be discredited.

Perhaps the biggest difference is the introduction of Special Teams players becoming valuable. Have you ever wanted Jamal Agnew or Devin Duvernay to have more fantasy relevance than the likes of Chase Claypool or Marvin Jones, then you’ve come to the right place. In this league, players like Braxton Berrios are able to nestle themselves between the likes of Tee Higgins, Marquise Brown and Darnell Mooney. Valuing each contribution that can be made on the field changes the whole landscape of fantasy football.

Draft Day starring Kevin Costner:
The start draft date is May 8th, a week and one day after the final day of the NFL Draft. The draft room will open at 3:00PM EST (12:00PM PST), and CPU auto draft will begin at 4:00PM EST (1:00PM PST). This date and these times are definite. This is to suggest that whomever drafts in the early stages are free kick off the draft with no timer (if all 16 GM’s are in attendance upon the room opening, then things can move smooth from there), after which point, the CPU will begin auto drafting every 3 minutes. Seeing as there are two taxi squad spots, the draft will last 32 rounds. Players with 1 year experience are included, as well as rookies, of course.

Time To Join:
So that’s a taste of the league. If necessary, if league spots aren’t filled, then the league can run with less than 16, however the objective is certainly to gain more than 16 one day.
Sleeper . Feel free to join and take a peek. If interested, message below or on Sleeper. If any changes are necessary for involvement, consider it considered.