Owner Mode Dynasty League

13/16 filled…and impatiently waiting to fill up, lol.
As soon as we are filled we will proceed with the Prior-Rookie Drafts…which is detailed below.

  • $40 buy in ($54.40 Initial year)
  • 16 teams, 2 conferences, 4 divisions
  • Full contract league, with yearly expanding salary cap
  • Auction Startup, including lottery ball (like NBA draft) to decide initial Rookie Draft order
  • Payout to all 6 playoff teams
  • QB, RB, WR, and TE only…no IDP for now
  • 1QB/2RB/3WR/1TE/2FX…no superflex
  • QB scoring bonus for passer rating…PPR…1.5PPR for TE
  • 22 active, 15 IR/Sus, 10 TS
  • Includes Vet Minimums, Contract Extentions, RFA and UFAs, Franchise Tags, and Expanded Off-Season Rosters
  • TS stealing, mimicking the NFL
  • Prior-Rookie Drafts, which means for the initial season we will draft a single player from each of the previous 4 seasons and give contracts based on the season they would have been drafted. This keeps the market alive and active with fresh talent over the first few seasons, which contract league owners know, is usually fairly barren with young talent.
  • Owner Mode Dynasty will feature a new “mode” that is played using spreadsheets/tabs on the MFL website, but it is able to affect the fantasy team that is fielded. Winning fantasy games will give owners “Franchise Cash”, which simulates owning a pro football team. Using this “franchise cash” will allow teams to bid on Head Coaches, perhaps upgrade their draft position, or upgrade their team’s stadium (allowing for a faster accrual of franchise cash).

Platform: MFL
Chat: GroupMe


Let me know if you are interested!