Owner willing to Trade Bell

Hi I’m 6-2 and this owner is 3-5 He is willing to trade bell should I put a package together or hold?

 My Team : Mariota, McCoy, D. Murray, M. Evans, M. Thomas, Kelce, Baldwin, Marvin Jones, Collins, Olsen, Gisselle.

His Team : R. Wilson, Bell, Blount, Jeffrey, Diggs, H. Henry, Kupp, M. Ryan, R. Matthews, Mckinnon, T. Taylor, J. Hill, Fleener

Worried about messing up my team cause It’s pretty stacked in this league. So Trade and if so what package to offer or hold?

I do love Bell, but i dont really see a package that would work for you…

Thank you that is what I was thinking I’d have to give up too much and have wholes on my squad

could try Murray and Baldwin. I wouldnt take it as the Bell owner, but its not insulting.

That owner always wants like 3 stars for his 1 superstar so probaly not. So if you dont mind what you think about my squad? What would you try to change about it? Maybe players to target was thinking maybe Ajayii.

what is your # of teams and format?

14 team standard

then yes i would say you have a really good team.
I think if you want Ajayi take the chance on waiting a week. this should be a down week for him. Blount will likely still get more touches in this game. then spin that into a cheaper price. Ajayi will end up getting the bulk in a couple weeks.

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