P Lindsay or D Wiliams end it

I’ve gotten so many mixed responses who will you play? My other RB I’m playing are Chubb, Kamara, and CMC

Hah, this has been my latest “big” question.

Couple things:

  • Both play later than the morning games, so you have a little extra time to decide what your needs may be.
  • They are both ranked equally so kind of a coin flip
  • Question came up on Footballers live and Mike went w/ Lindsay

I currently have Lindsay in, but monitoring how the morning games go.

That’s how I feel right now. I’ve see some folks come in strong on D Williams. And before I heard of wares injure I was 100% on Lindsay

Similar boat but I’m Mixon or Williams, 8 minutes to decide!!

I think Lindsey for your question though, good matchup and he should bounce back strong but they are close

Currently Williams is #3 on this list for me.
Mixon > Lindsay > Williams but it is all real close

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Got a reply from Mike on Twitter he’s gone Mixon and so will I.

Good luck all!

Hah nice - makes me feel a little better :slight_smile:
Best of luck!

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So far not so good for Mixon :confused: More game to play though!

I know :grimacing::grimacing: also Anderson is looking like he’s going to have a big game as well…I stuck with Alshon

Anderson is on my bench…as I put Edelman in :frowning:

Some you hit some you miss I guess but damn that could come back to bite us - hoping Alshon and Edelman pull through

Welp … looking like I am going to blow another big projected Championship win…

I’m going okay… could really do with Baker throwing another TD or two and if Cook, Ertz, Jeffrey and Mixon can get me to over 110 standard points I could do this…

Opponent is down but has 4 players later so need at least 85 point cushion! Will be close

I’m defending my title :pray:t2::pray:t2:

Sorry but wishing against Mayfield and Jeffrey :slight_smile:

OMG! Yes! Edelman didn’t touch the ground!

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Seattle is going to have two safties out if that helps you choose.

Well, unless something spectacular happens, looks like I will need 20 points out of either D. Williams or Lindsay - who has better chance? Or flip coin?

This is my last lineup decision and I’m hoping to put it off as long as possible. Right now I’m projected for 141 and my opponent for 126. He has Mahomes and T. Hill and I have Wilson and Baldwin and either Williams or Lindsay. I guess I’m looking for the safer floor. Who do you think?

You can look higher in the thread, but based on how my team has done today - I would tread carefully with any advice from me :frowning: