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P Richardson or T Benjamin week 10


I have a flex play problem. Richardson is a little banged up and has a thursday game but Bejamin is going against the jags tough secondary. Any one feeling more strongly toward either one of these guys or just flip a coin and hope


P.Richardson, never play anyone against the jags defense. Also, we dont know how good benjamin will be with the bills, sit him down. See how he does this week, watch the game.


Sorry meant Travis Benjamin for the chargers but I agree with what you said about the jags D.


T.Benjamin? pft! thats even worse!! he wont stand a chance against the Jags, go with P. Richardson. I have R.Wilson for tonight, i need him to get me 25 points or better. He should be able to do it.


I have him in a league as well so I will be rooting with you! Hope he finds Richardson multiple times! haha


didnt really consider him much but would you still play Richardson over B Powell? Tampa has looks pretty soft recently…


B. Powell has a great match up even if he shares with Matt Forte. I would go with him but then again, Richardson has a good match up tonight as well, he did bad last week because of the redskins defense. This week is a go for me, but now you have powell…well… both are good, and because of it, FLIP A COIN in that situation.


glad I sat Richardson! I think powell has more then 4 points in him this week