P/U Mecole Hardman?

So Godwin looks like he is trending to be doubtful against the Rams, unless they are just resting him. But if he does sit out should I go for Hardman for a flier this week? The WRs on my bench are Dorsett and Sutton. Dorsett at Buffalo is a little uneasy. Ramsey looks like he wont be playing this week so Sutton might be the better solution. Thoughts anyone?

i either already have hardman or picked up hardman

As long as Hill is out Hardman is a WR2. I would start him over both those guys.

Demarcus is still available but I think Hardman better suited vs. Detroit

Any other thoughts? Not really anyone else available that have the upside of the Cheifs receivers.

Anyone have input? Totally leaning doing this.

Robinson is better IMO. More volume and I think he has a chance to still be startable when Hill comes back.