Packaging White/Allen for an RB1

Looking to improve the top-end of my roster, offering around James White/Keenan Allen packages for an RB.

Is this combo good enough to shoot for the stars? I’ve been knocked back by the Zeke owner and Kamara is also a no go. Is a CMC level RB more realistic?

My RB’s right now are Conner, Lindsay, White, Adams and Foreman.

I’m a little worried about White’s production going forward.

If I were a CMC owner no way would I make that trade, your trying to give up two struggling players in my opinion for an elite talent

Thanks for the feedback. I wasn’t sure if it were a decent trade offer.

I’ve offered White and Lindsay to the Gordon owner and he’s considering it. This would be a good move yes?

Yes if you could get melvin Gordon for those two I would, because James white still has Sony Micheal there and Rex berkhead is suppose to be coming back so that’s why the trade is so hard in my opinion

I agree yeah. Burkhead and Michel returning worries me but it still feels like a reasonably good deal for the Melvin owner too.

I would then have Conner, Gordon, Julio, Keenan Allen as my 4 starting each week with my flex being one of Sutton, M. Jones, Reynolds or Josh Adams.

Is that ok or am I reaching too far with this trade?

I think it’s a fair trade, but yeah I agree with @Steuck2488 that the risk Burkhead poses to White would probably scare me off from accepting. I’d still strongly consider it, though, as the CMC owner. I might accept if your offer addressed a team need of mine

Can we see your whole roster then maybe we can come up with a solution to help better

Cheers Hazel. This move is still my priority for sure.

I feel like he might accept it as well. I’d be very happy with CMC on my roster to finish the season.

Conner, White, Lindsay, Josh Adams, Foreman
Julio, K. Allen, M. Jones, Sutton, Reynolds
Njoku, Hooper
Chargers D

Oh, Idk now. I’d be reluctant to give up Keenan if it mean MJJ would be your RB2.

I’d really want to hold Conner and Lindsay. Conner will be fine despite his worst game of the season. Lindsay has a great playoff schedule.

I think it will be really hard to get an elite RB right now since most are producing well. The closest thing I think you have to a buy low window would be Gurley and Mixon. To get Gurley, I think you’d have to give up Conner. To get Mixon, I’d think you’d have to give up White+.

Really appreciate it, maybe Mixon is a better buy low target for me. I wonder what I’d need to include with White to get it done

I totally agree with @Hazel11 I think if you trade with like a WR/RB combo your going to end up hurting your team in the long run because if you trade Allen your WRs take a big hit

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Is White + Lindsay still a good move for Gordon? He seems very interested.

I like that trade a lot better because your trading running backs for a better running back, plus then you can pick up Gordon’s handcuff if still available and be all set!

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I think it depends how you view the players. Lindsay has such a great playoff schedule, he might not have too much less value than Gordon for the playoffs IMO. If you think it’s possible that Burkhead doesn’t see much action ROS, then White plus + Lindsay for Gordon would mean your starting RBs get better but your flex spot takes a big hit

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I strongly doubt Ekeler is available on waivers at this point : )

In he is 42% owned, you never know lol

Thanks a lot guys. Something for me to ponder, and yep Ekeler is owned