Packers D or Viking And Watson Darnold or Tannehill

Well title says it all.

Right now I have 4 Defenses. Patriots, Ravens, Packers and Vikings.

Not sure if I should start the Packers or Vikings D. i’m leaning for the Vikings, since the lions have a Bad running game and a inexperience QB with 1 lucky game.

Redskins like to run the ball a lot and I know the packers are bad vs the run.

For my QB situation, I have Watson. I almost benched him for Darnold last week lol. Thank god I didn’t because I only won by 10 pts. So once again, do I start Watson? or start Darnold or Tannehill?

Tannehill makes me nervous cause they don’t throw a lot.

Darnold had a bad game at Miami and played like crap last week, but Miami has been throwing up pts for Qbs and the jets throw a lot.

Watson faces another tough Defense. And what are the chances this will be a high scoring game.

I know there are charts on here that should “help” but I question some of the rankings. Like for example, the Patriots D vs the Chiefs???

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At this point Darnold is not the answer lol. I benched Watson last week for Tannehill and I’m not making the same mistake. I’m starting Watson the rest of the season because the dude is a fantasy animal.

I wouldn’t call him a fantasy animal in the last 4 weeks… The guy is good, but I don’t think he is a weekly start.

Well, I’ll respond with my charts, which are based on season-long results, and how I’d lean. Starting with DST, here is how those four teams are projected in my model the next three weeks since I assume you have to make roster decisions based on not just this week but all remaining weeks:
NE - DST1, 1, 1
BAL - DST8, 3, 7
GB - DST11, 20, 28
MIN - DST16, 19, 27

A note on the Pats: Over the last six weeks they are averaging 6 fewer points per week than they have for the season compared to schedule-adjusted fantasy points allowed of their opponents. Given recent performance, I would bump them down a few points and consider them more like a low-end DST 1 this week. So, in your case, I would plan to start Baltimore this week and next week, and then roll again with the Pats Week 16.

Here is how my QB model has your options projected the next three weeks:
Watson - QB11, 3, 3
Darnold - QB10, 30, 27
Tannehill - QB1, 2, 5

The numbers say start Tannehill this week and probably next week, and Watson Week 16. However, many people were burned benching Watson last week, and I cannot argue with the “play your studs” approach - it’s usually the way to go. If it’s me, I would still take my chances with Tannehill this week, and probably Watson the next two weeks. But again, I understand anyone sticking with Watson.

Both my models are below for reference. Hope this helps. Good luck!

Please check out my Week 14 streaming post where I provide weekly and rest-of-season rankings, scoring projections and waiver recommendations for QBs, TEs and DSTs. Comments and feedback are welcome. Thanks!

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I like the packers D/ST over the Vikings based on matchups. I am in sim. situation I currently have the eagles defense and the 49ners defense. however the packers D is on the wire. I am probably going to hold on to the eagles based all the matchups minus one bad week in 16 but i really cant justify dropping the 49ners for the packers defense either

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I agree @NBASTAR1016. I would hang onto SF DST no matter what. After this week GB is not a good DST, and Week 16 PHI is unplayable. With the Giant’s going back to Eli this week I would also probably play SF this week over PHI, but it’s close.

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