Packers team (rant and legit questions)

Alright first I want to emphasize that I love my team and this isn’t me floundering or anything, but I’m legitamately confused on the packers offense this season. The defense isn’t a surprise, half are rookies and second years, but the offense has looked extremely lackluster. I can’t be the only one noticing it right? Receivers aren’t getting open for rodgers (don’t tell me it’s just the rookie receivers, it was a problem with gmo and Cobb too). Along with that we seem to go for that dumb screen pass to Adams every god damn 3rd and long play! Where’s the team that actually trusted the best qb in the league to throw for long first downs through the air? I get rodgers has lacked mobility, but from my eyes he’s looked pretty mobile the past couple weeks, but our offense still looks about as lethal as a baby bunny. Is the league just figuring out the packers offense? Are the packers experimenting with plays? I don’t know. The box scores may say differently, I’m just saying that by my eye test, I’m truly worried about any sort of playoff run