Packers WR Roster Projections

Any Packers fans out there with insight into the WR pecking order behind Davante Adams in GB? Evaluating the group for dynasty trade purposes, particularly E. St. Brown.

Most believe Geronimo will be the #2, with ESB and MVS competing for scraps at the #3.
I think Grant and Pascals numbers on Indy last yea would be a fair comparison for the coming season for packer depth

I wouldn’t bet on MVS. Heard he got into Rodger’s shitcreek cause he was listening to the coach instead of audibles rodgers was calling on the field. That’s why he fell off the map late in the season. My bet is sitll on Allison to be the WR2 if he can stay healthy and I want all the allison shares I can get.

I think St brown has a chance in 2019 IMO of being #3

Allison will be 2 though