Packers WR’s to Own

Here’s a question I’ve been mulling over for a dynasty start up draft (12 team, half PPR) who if anyone do I pick up late/very late from GB with Adams, Cobb and Graham gone? I’m looking at Allison and ST Brown but have no clue who is worth a flier pickup

I guess Allison first because he’s been there and knows the playbook but personally I’ve gotten some shares of J’mon Moore who they drafted first. He was a beast in college too

I think i’ll just watch those three and if there nothing else i prefer as a flier pick late i’ll grab one and hold, hopefully they can morph into one of Rodgers’ guys this year and be valuable next season

Who knows, but Moore would be my guess.

I would lean into Allison. I think he has ‘looked’ the part at moments and there are rumblings he (not Cobb) will be in the two look sets. Clearly that is TBD, but it has been floated out there. He knows the system and has already worked with Rodgers. And it would be a fun name to yell :wink:

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I think I’m leaning that way too, some good points made so thanks all! As he’s barely on the radar he would be an absolute steal if you got him in say the 14th/ 15th round (which is coming around for my start up dynasty draft soon and he could be my 6th WR taken) and be Rodgers number 2 - that’s the definition of value!

Haha and yes a great name to shout

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