Palmer help 2QB league

I’m in a 2 QB league. Should I trade for Winston,Watson, or Bortles? I was thinking maybe Hunt straight up for Watson. Or Mixon and K Allen for Winston or Bortles. If not what would you recommend? I’m worried about moving forward with the sketchy Minnesota QB situation and obviously Stanton. I’m 5-2 so not desperate for a win, I just need to get ready. I have WR: Hopkins, Allen, Ginn, Doctson,Pryor, Juju Smith RB: Hunt,Martin,Mixon,A Jones, Abdullah QB: Smith, Keenum/Bradford, Stanton. Could use your help on this one guys, thanks.

Little help?

If your other QB is Alex Smith I wouldn’t mind having him in the staring line up, he’s like one of the top 3 QB’s so far this year.

If you absolutely want another QB i’d try for Watson but try and get an RB back in the trade as the fantasy hitman always says.

Sorry it’s a 2 qb league. Point is I’m asking about the value, is hunt to high for Watson and is Mixon and Allen too high for Bortles Watson would be more ideal since he finished his bye and I have Hopkins. Just don’t want to over pay