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Palmer or Jay Cutler Streamers!


In my opinion the best streaming options left in my league


I have the same problem I have looked over rankings and stats and I am going to start Smokin Jay Cutty against the Jets. Cutler has more upside to me with Ajayi and his core of receivers. I streamed Palmer last week against the Colts watched the game and felt like the Cardinals line could not protect him very well and there run game was mediocre at best without DJ. So Smokin Jay is my Stream this week.


Same decision to make here, Yet, it was not that hard. If you streamed palmer last week you know what I’m talking about. You can’t use palmer again no matter the matchup until he seriously proves it. We were all super happy with barely squeaking out 15pts. I’m definitely going with cutler against the jets.


Smokin’ Jay. He’s playing the Jets and Palmer has no weapons left.