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Palmer or Wentz this week....and ROS?


Got Cousins and holding on to him. Just thinking about BYE week coming up quick for Cousins (week 5). Also got Wentz…but really considering swapping him out for Palmer. Palmer looks to have better match-ups most weeks ROS. Any thoughts??


tough one bruh real tough…wentz matchups arent that bad though plus i think he’s the better QB right now but palmer has better receiving core smh idk wentz has easier matchup on week 5 for sure


LOL. I know…my specific dilemma. My league is pretty tough. Palmer looking better for this week than Cousins or Wentz. Already got a Waiver claim in for Palmer for this week. Just hoping Wentz is still available after this week. So…exactly…should I just hold on to Wentz or grab Palmer? 0-3 right now!!! Dammnit!!! Gotta get a game plan in mind for the next couple of weeks!!!


oooh u got to drop wentz to get palmer smh

idk bro your call i cant make it lol


COOL!!! TY my friend. Kinda what I was thinking. (AT LEAST FOR THIS WEEK ANYWAY!!!) Already got the WW claim in. Was considering cancelling it after your last post. Then thought about it…LOL…then thought about it again!!! Dammnit!!! Guilty of over-analyzing here!!! LOL Going 0-3 will do that to you!!!