Panic on Hopkins?

So I had the #6 pick in my draft this year and Hopkins fell to me. I was pumped…but now it’s not looking like a great thing. He had a great week 1 but has been pretty awful the lat 3 weeks.

Is it time to panic on him a little bit? The Texans offense doesn’t seem very good and he isn’t getting a ton of targets which is what really worries me.

I know I will probably hold onto him since he was my #1 pick, but should I try to be shopping him at all?

There’s nothing wrong with shopping him to see what people will offer you, but I don’t know if I’d trade him just yet he’s still getting a ton of targets and he’s an awesome receiver so I feel like he will get going at some point

I have Hopkins as well. People have asked but you won’t get much of a decent return for him imo. It would be selling low on a guy who is a top 5 WR. He will have big games coming

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I wouldn’t panic on him, Texans need him to win they’ll get him going here soon. I’ve offered up Kelce and Demarcus Robinson for him in my big money league.

I think kelce/robinson might be not enough.
I mean for your first overall pick?!

What do you think of Golladay/Damien williams?
Only prob is 1 on bye and 1 hurt.

I wouldn’t accept either of those probably. Kelce is tempting but I would need more than Robinson as the second player.

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Aaron Jones and Alshon Jeffery?
Or last offer Jones and Golladay?

Jones and Golladay would be one that I might consider, but if I had to make a decision now I wouldn’t accept that probably. But if the Hopkins owner is 0-4 or panicked you might be able to get him. Jones has been really inefficient but propped up by TD’s. And last game got a ton of late catches because Adams was out and they had to pass. He’s really only had 1 good week. But if the owner only looks at fantasy points he might think hes having a better season than he really is.

That would really wreck my depth, not sure if i would do it.

But surely hopkins will bounce back huge.

Hopefully, having him Lockett , Josh Allen, and Christian Kirk in my lineup crushed me. And Baltimore’s defense didn’t help the matters. :rofl::joy:

Hopkins is beast. He’ll remind you soon, although he shouldn’t have to.