Panic time for DIGGS?!

What’s the temperature in 1/2 PPR for Diggs? Should there be ROS concern, or was this week a result of game script and Peterson?

no. just an off week… everyone has em… unless ur name is Theilan

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Don’t think it’s panic time for Diggs at all. Patrick peterson is patrick peterson. Diggs only got targeted twice in his coverage and still came down with both for like 30 yards. In general, QBs don’t target PP. I think he has the lowest QB rating allowed so far this season, has surrendered like no TDs and <150 total yards.

Diggs historically, struggles more when hurt and when going up against the most elite CBs. But he smashes weaker competition. Just have to play your matchups.

Biggest beneficiary though is Thielen. Gets easy coverage against 2nd rate corners and is good enough so that he can take full advantage. Just be on the lookout for match-ups vs the super tough CBs. Same thing happened when Diggs went up against White. Cousins just didn’t throw that direction.

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I have Diggs. Ros, what other extremely tough match ups does he have for me to watch for?

Possibly Detroit with Slay, otherwise their schedule isn’t too intimidating… Maybe Latimore in New Orleans…

I have Diggs on one of my teams as well, and I make it a point to look at his games…I wouldnt say I’m panicking but im slightly concerned. And this is simply because of his red zone targets… he barely sees any targets in the red zone a few games back they swapped him out for Robinson on almost every single play inside the 20…I’m at the point where I’m looking to trade him to upgrade. If he doesn’t secure any redzone targets this week I’ll definitely begin shopping him, maybe try to upgrade to Theilen somehow. But there isn’t much that I’d trade him for. I do like Kenny Galladay more ROS

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I also feel like his home/road splits are wonky. Like Tyreek Hill last year, Diggs performs better on the road than at home! At least they’re at the Jets this week…