Panic Trade Advantages

  1. Zeke, J. Gordon, J. Cook - For Lev Bell, OBJ, Kittle

2.Edelman, J. Jacobs - For M. Evans, D. Montgomery, Marquise Brown

Who’s the winner in each trade. 1/2 pt PPR for Both

I’d go with the first grouping in each trade.

Wow, damn… then F me

Sorry, I was apparently getting some formatting error that was making me see the trades in your post wrong.

Upon further review, I would probably go with the 2nd group in #1, and probably still the 1st group in #2 (but it’s close).

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Id rather the Bell side in trade 1 and the Edelman side in trade 2… 2nd trade is close though… evans will be boom or bust with winston… and Im not really happy with Brown right now considering I bought him everywhere after 2 down weeks and he keeps disappointing… Im out on Montgomery as well and think Jacobs might start to be leaned on more.

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