Panicked about this trade

Hi everyone

I have a trade offer and not sure what to do about it.

I give J Conner, Sanders and Burton.
I receive M Gordon & Diggs

It is a standard league and my current roster is

QB: Winston
RB: Conner, D Johnson, k Johnson, Fournette, Collins, Chubb
WR: Brown, Thielen, Sanders, Fuller (ouch!), Allison
TE: Burton, Njoku

Standard format where I need to play 2xRB 3xWR 1xTE and flex (RB,WR OR TE).

No idea what to do!!!

Thanks guys

Wow you should REALLY take this immediately IMO after seeing the rest of your team.


Conner situation is unknown with Lev Bell reporting soon, and Gordon was the 2nd highest fantasy RB before he had a bye this week…

Njoku will have a chance to be better TE than Burton rest of season…


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That’s two “immediately”’s now. Please confirm when accepted thank you

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You don’t need two TE’s, upgrade at RB/WR and do this trade now!

I side with the “ayes” as well. Take the trade!

I’d also start shopping some combo of RB’s for an elite TE to any team who is in need right now. The next couple weeks are your only window to do so. If you can afford to lose a week or two and not hurt your ROS outlook much at all, Id just shop for the best player you can get actually while holding Gordon. And all your starting WR’s. You don’t have to obviously but you are bloated at RB and could
Prob get someone undeniably elite from a team that has to win-out.

This has to be an 8 team league right

Not necessarily, Thielen was a mid round guy and Conner was a late round guy depending on when he drafted…If he got this team in a 10 team draft he did excellent homework

Thanks so much guys.

It’s a 10 team league. I had the last pick in round 1 so went brown then fournette. Picked up Thielen and Diggs after that. Conner in round 12 I think as word came out about Bell not showing up a couple of hours before the draft.

I traded Diggs for D Johnson earlier after Diggs’ huge week and the guys was desperate for a WR.

Thanks again guys. Appreciate it so much.

I just have a feeling that Bell will he traded or even if he does come back, Conner will still be the guy. And concerned about Gordon’s hamstring. Fournette is still haunting me!

Take the trade take the trade

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Thanks guys. I did the trade. Fingers crossed Gordon’s hamstring is ok!