Parker or mixon?

.5 ppr
12 team

I like Parker better in a bubble right now. Cutler is forcing him the ball, he has the talent and the coaching staff’s support. Mixon is super talented, but he shares the backfield, might not get all the goal line work, and Lewis is still the head coach. But I would rather have a talented RB all day because I do believe talent will ultimately win out; especially with the injury prone duo in front of Mixion.

I’ll take my chances on Mixon. I think the my fired their OC because he wasn’t using their best players. I like both though.

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If you’re talking just for this week I would go Parker. He’s playing a garbage defense in the Saints. If I could choose one to have for the rest of the season I would choose Mixon.

I took this to be for the rest of the season, but if your talking a out this week, I’d agree with Swiss.