Parker or Shepard, Week 9 AND ROS?

I need a starting WR for week 9 due to byes and possibility Kelvin Benjamin doesn’t play Thursday night. Parker appears to be rated higher Week 9 and also ROS, but what’s Footclanners advice? Thanks!!

In PPR leagues I would play Shepard. He is the only WR left in a pass first offense.

Thanks Marc, I am in a Standard league… would that change your recommendation from Shepard to Parker?

Yes it would. In standard yardage and TD rates are key. I own Parker and I’m also a Giants fan so I would actually rank Parker higher in a standard league. Watching the Giants this year Eli has had no time to drop back and throw for yardage. Its been all short to intermediate passing attempts. This is where Shepard and Evan Engram make a living. Shepard will be a high volume low yardage guy while Parker will be a higher yardage guy. Mind you Miami doesn’t run the ball close to the goal line. Ajayi had 0 rushing attempts from 5yrs to goal before he was shipped to Philly. So Cutler will look to Parker and to a lesser degree Landry in the redzone.

Again Marc, really appreciate you responding and sharing great insights. One more question if possible, I have Watson and Cousins and obvioulsy plan on playing Watson ROS. have tried trading Cousins but my league really seems to avoid trades (none so far, deadline Nov 11). At this point should I drop Cousins and add another WR (eg Parker, keeping Shepard, or Parker, dropping Shepard for Richardson/Lockett/Woods)?

My roster (standard, 12 player):
QB: Watson, Cousins
RB: Hunt, Gordonm, Coleman, Darkwa
WR: Allen, Jeffery, K Benjamin, Shepard, C davis
K: Lutz
DST: Detroit

Cousin’s trade value has dropped each week. There has been something off with the Washington offense. Each week they’ve been experimenting with what offensive player they will feature. But because Watson is a running QB he will be open to get injured more than a regular drop back passer. Look at what happened to Flacco this past week. You’d be smarter to keep Cousins just in case a big hit knocks Watson out.

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