Parris campbell, robby Anderson or Jamison Crowder

I have Julian Edelman in a PPR league, but I’m thinking about dropping him for one of a few other good options available on waivers: Parris Campbell, Robby Anderson, and Jamison Crowder.

Who would you want out of all the choices? Would you keep Edelman instead? Much Appreciated!

Keep Edelman, NE doesn’t have anyone else. Harry is garbage, Myers is worse, Gunnar is hurt.

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I’d keep Edelman, for now. Let’s see what New England does in the passing game when they’re NOT playing a soft defense like Miami. If they’re trailing and chasing points, Edelman could be a Go-To target for Cam.

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I agree, I would keep Edelman. Crowder is comparable so no reason to make that swap and Campbell and Robby are both below Edelman still for me.