Part of the 0-3 Tilt Club, Talk me off the ledge

My Roster:


I feel like I have a solid team. Just week over week someones underperfomance gets me an L.

Should I just be staying the course or do you all feel that some of these guys are going to be a plague on my team.

Thanks for the advice footclan!

It’s not bad. Just inconsistent. You have 2 players I’d be confident in week to week - Kamara & suprisingly Waller. Fournette, Sony & Kerryon have all been disappointing. I’d try packaging Fournette & Sony just based on their name value - look at the Barkley owner or another 0-3 team that might be looking to shake things up.

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I’m the only 0-3 team haha

What value do you think I could get for a package of those 2 guys? Try and get a top 10 back?

The Saquon team has: Mahomes, D Montgomery, Edelman, A Robinson, M Andrews. Outside of Mahomes I don’t really want anyone else on that squad

Google “Fantasy Trade Value Chart”, I think it’s CBS that has a good one. I just use it as a generic guideline to get a ballpark idea of values. Keep in mind the true value is in the eye of the beholder and changes depending on your trade partner’s roster situation.

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I would try and get more consistancy. Both your WR’s are gonna either give you 20+ or like 4.

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