Pascal or Julio?

Normally this would be a no brainer but it’s semi finals and Julio has only scored double digit points once in the past 6 weeks and that was still only a 12 point performance. I’m pretty nervous starting him against SF with the injury he’s nursing and Pascal has had back to back good fantasy outings and he plays NO this week.

I also have Robby but he plays Baltimore.

Need some advice from my fellow footclan members.

I’d only play pascal if you could stomach it lol it seems like the logical play because pascal is hot and Jones is not.

Julio. Higher upside and floor

Julio! Everyone in NO just scored against SF.

They lost Sherman too I just remembered. That could be a plus but I mean if it’s just about name value then we always play Julio. But, are we being objective or just going with it because “it’s Julio”? I’m glad I don’t have your problem lol

With Ridley out it has to be Julio.

Its Julio because he can win the day. He’s got the upside that Pascal doesn’t have, or almost any other player for that matter. You play your studs and live with the results.