Pascal,woods,robby,parker. - pick 1

Need a a high floor with possible upside as I’m against a stacked opponent. .5 por
Here’s my lineup. Looking to switch things up

Rb1 Aaron Jones
Rb2 Matt breida/Jamal Williams
Wr1 Michael Thomas
Wr2 ??? Insert here
Flex ??? Insert here ( currently have Jamal Williams in)

Help me out footclan please

Any input out there??

isn’t brissett out? so id be wary of pascal

woods is good with no cooks

Robby has the best upside but has a crappy floor

parker is a no for me

SO I would pick woods. best Offense out of the 4 and no cooks.

Little worried about woods . Pitt D is legit.
Might have to go with the home run Robby Anderson. Gotta happen at some point right?

Btw Pascal scored his touchdown from Hoyer

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I’d probably go parker and pascal. One of the worse my pass defenses and Miami has parker and gesicki unless Wilson steps up. Wouldn’t even think of anderson. Woods sounds good with cooks out but cooks only got 5 targets a game so he didn’t take much away.