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Pass Interference Tendencies in WRs


One of the most infuriating aspects of fantasy football is seeing your player either get an offensive pass interference call against him, or get a defensive pass interference call in their favor (nullifying those sweet, sweet fantasy points) Does anyone else feel this pain? Have you noticed certain players being involved in these type of penalties more often? I definitely remember seeing some players take soccer-like falls/dives to get PI calls; Golden Tate comes to mind as someone who plays this type of game.

Seems kind of similar to the hard count on QB, except LESS beneficial for the fantasy owner.


Yeah the PI call can sting as you mentioned possible loss of the points. The player still would need to catch the ball which is a guess since a penalty was called. It sucks to watch happen but it’s part of the hair loss process in being a fantasy owner :slight_smile:


They guys who fight for the ball in the air always have PI for the plays you need them to just catch. Stupid Hopkins…