Passing trend in football effecting this years strategy?

16 team full PPR is all I’m in this year… but given how the O is pretty much passing/receiving for fantasy, anyone pushing for deeper WR cores versus worrying about top tier backs? This was a great year for the no rb draft strat.

i did this last year kind of unwittingly and my draft/injuries shaped up that way this season too. last year i won, this year i’m off to an 0-4 start, but am set up pretty well ROS finally.

the rbbc trend is making this strategy seem more reasonable as well. there are “zero rb” draft strategies floating around - one writer in particular i think is credited with coining the term if you google it. but yeah, this is definitely a thing that will continue with how injury probe the rb position naturally is and the protection qb’s are getting with new rules/penalties affording more breathing room to get passes off. i think we’ll see less and less “smash mouth football” over time.

My league is thinking of moving to 1 RB 2 WR and 2 Flex next season just to allow some roster flexibility with deeper WR scoring as RB outside of top 15-20 are crap shoots

yeah, i’m in a 12 team PPR league with 3 wr, 2rb, 1 TE, 2 wr/rb/te, so i’ve gotten familiar with those 3rd and 4th string guys for sure…

The amount of usable RB in a deep league has been lacking to say the least

yeah man, i’m deciding between alfred morris and alfred blue as my second rb this week haha. good times

you have to draft really well and be very pot committed to that strategy, and not miss anything on waivers, to really make this work correctly, esp when the rest of your league is not doing it that way is the thing.

Scoring has been ridiculous in our full PPR league even with RB scoring down. Aside from Kamara obviously

I didn’t go 0-RB in the draft, but not far from it. Ended up with only 4 RB’s and went more WR heavy. But now I’m struggling in the RB DEPT: Gurley, Tevin, Lamar and Dion. PPR

I think if you hit with your first rb back taken ( Melv, AK, Gurley, Zeke) you have a massive advantage. Some of the top receivers were taken in the third and fourth rounds.

I drafted Bell, but I picked up receivers like Thomas, Kupp, Cory Davis, Gordon. I have Matt Ryan & Ben both scoring a large amount of points, and also have Kittle who has shown out several times. Unfortunately, I am stuck with Howard, Breid, Lindsay & Coleman. Despite having a really solid roster outside of my top running back, I am still the lowest scoring team in my league . It is frustrating because some of my league mates barely get any points from their other positions but AK will get them 40 any given week .

I still think it is very important I have a top flight running back to put you over the top.

Top RB is important… but unless you have a top 4-5 guy so far you’re gambling on points

Couldn’t agree more. I’ve got Gurley…(and gonna say this in a whisper so I don’t jinx myself…but can’t help but worry about injury). Then what??? LOL…I’m stuck with Coleman, Dion and Lamar. GOOD LUCK THERE!!! LOL

it’s def important if you can get it, but there aren’t many these days who you can really bank on. look what happened to you with bell (unfortunately). that being said, if one does choose not to take a top RB or can’t get one, it’s important to stick with that until the 3rd or 4th round, or even later in some cases.