Pat Mahomes - keep or trade?

Footclan! Thoughts on Mahomes in a dynasty league. I have Ryan, Mariota, and Allen as well and was offered the following deals for Mahomes. Should I keep or trade?

  1. Mahomes for Garcon, 2019 1st
  2. Mahomes, Drake for Michel, 2019 1st

I’d take Michel and the 1st Rounder deal.

Not sold on either Mahomes or Drake at this point. A lot of upside in that trade since you already have a proven QB in Ryan and a couple younger guys.

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Not worried about the Michel injury and crowded backfield in New England? I agree with that take though.

im a chiefs fan, so probably a little biased. but im keeping mahomes. ryan is a solid solid starter, mariota can be. allen is a big ? on how he will do. i will say, michel is tempting. im a hater of his because… well patriots RB. but he has trade value so you can flip him if you want. the added bonus of getting rid of drake for basically a 1st round pick is super nice. so if anything, thats the deal i want. so honestly that trade is probably the way to go if youre not a chiefs fan lol.

Haha love that you talked yourself into it towards the end. That’s my concern as well… That I lose out on the Mahomes potential. I have two solid streamers, but none that will develop into that bonafide top 5 QB. Mahomes has that potential… at the very least. Also maybe to note, flacco is on waivers and at the very least can be a streamer for bye weeks.

haha i try to not be biased. i love my chiefs, probably a little too much, so i always keep that in mind when im making moves. but really youre not losing a ton of potential, because michel does have crazy good potential. i just dont think it works for him in NE. but i know for a fact that is not a common thought for him. so flipping him is a real possibility and why i have to think about it. but like you just mentioned, there are always other options at QB. flacco, not a great option, still an option that you can work with since he does have a fire lit under him, and a schedule that is flat out easy at times. but yeah… mahomes has the potential to be a top 5 guy.

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I think Drake is a stud. Really. I like Michel a lot too, but what Drake did after contact last year was pretty incredible. Throw in the speed, pass catching, and the fact that they only brought in a corpse and massive project as competition (did we expect them to open the season with 1 RB in the roster?) and I really don’t understand the hesitation people are having.

The hesitation I have, is that they seemed to have hesitation with him. Corpse or not, they brought in a reliable RB who has done it for years to take a healthy roll, 40-50%. Maybe more. And then a project to replace gore once he is gone. At best I see drake having half of that backfield. At worst, he is their 2nd guy who gets 20-30% timeshare and just isnt worth it for fantasy. He could be valuable, but right now that isn’t his backfield to lose. It’s his to take. If he takes it, then you’re right he does have great value. But it’s not his right now. And I dont expect him to take it this year. Or maybe ever.

You’re reading in an awful lot. There’s no reason at all to believe that Gore will get 50% of the work (or really anything close). He’s at the stage of his career where he’s a backup if the team has another RB with a pulse (and they’re paying him like it). To me, that’s a clear sign If confidence in Drake. If they’d have brought in someone with something left (Hyde or even Crowell), or even kept around a player they inexplicably love like Damien Williams, I might be worried that they are hedging, but they didn’t. He’s be clear 1, and by a significant amount.

You know, they have been saying that about gore for 5 years. Oh no way, no way he does it. And he just keeps on getting 1000 yard seasons. Until gore shows me he cant do it anymore, that’s when I’ll buy it. Because I’m not reading into anything. Gore was only 40 yards away from another 1000 yards last year, with a BAD o line. So to say drake is a clear 1, that’s you reading too much into it. Or maybe too little into it. Like it or not, gore is there and he will get his touches.

Gore has also played in a team without another viable RB for 5 years and hasn’t been actually good for most of that time. He’s just gotten a lot of work.

He hasn’t been that good because of an awful o line. YPC are a reflection of the o line too, not just the runner. But even still, he kept chugging along, getting 1000 yard seasons. He will get his work.

I’m not looking at YPC. I’m looking a Gore. He has not been a good RB for a while.

Yet he has still been in the league, getting 250 rushes a year, and 1000 yards a season… that should worry you for drake. If it doesnt, all good. Follow your gut. Mine just says, drake is a bust where he is going. He should be going much later.

Hard pass on the first offer.

On the second offer, I would say just stay put.

If Mahomes works out, you win and at the least get better trade. Drake-v-Michel is a push to me. They are very similar players from their skill set. Michel has the better offense (likely) but questionable usage (based on guessing right @ NE). Drake has a worse offense (potentially) and likely solid usage (based on last year). IMHO, the biggest difference is that Drake has done it, and that is why I would stay put. If both options are similar (at this point I think they are), take the guy who has shown it in the NFL.

The draft pick can be tempting, but it is just a lottery ticket. I personally do not put much value in the ones you do not know are a top 3 pick.

Given everything I see laid out, it is a move to make only if you really want change. I do not see any clear upside, so I would stay put.

I honestly don’t mind the 1st trade at all. Especially if you need some depth at WR. You can plop garcon in there as a flex WR3/4 play with some upside. And then you get a 2019 1st to use on a skilled position vs Mahomes who honestly, I don’t see you starting over Ryan or Mariotta at any point in the future.

You’re selling high on a prospect QB who may or may not be good. It depends a bit on where you think that 1st ends up. If its a high to mid 1st round pick, I would take that deal and be fine with it in a 1 QB league. Seems like everyone is chasing the next Watson and players like that just don’t come around every single year.

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I agree that this trade would somewhat be lateral. He did offer me a potential 3rd trade.

Mahomes, Freeman
For his Jordan Howard, 2019 1st

Any better?

Hell no on that trade. I take freeman over Howard all day every day by a long shot. You could probably get Howard and a 1st just for freeman alone lol.

mahomes is worth more than a 1st, and freeman howard are ranked around the same. its not an upgrade in any way. just a lateral move or worse, and then mahomes for a 1st which is not a trade i would do. i say no to that one too. the guy seems to just want to get a deal without giving anything up.

Just an echo here on @MikeMeUpp and @BusterD with the new trade IMHO. I think you are moving lateral at best and likely with a downward lean. I would pass on this one or see if you can trade out Freeman for a different back. I do like Howard FWIW, but not more than your guys.