Patrick Mahomes or Kirk Cousins

With the top two corners for the rams out and KC going to DEN which do you think is the better start this week

Mahomes. Thursday on the road is a trap.

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Patrick Mahomes

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Mahomes, the corners are out but the D line isn’t. They are going to terrorize Cousins. If the Bills can make him look foolish what will the Rams do?

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Rams aren’t doing much to him so far ha

thats what im saying

Well, will admit that I was wrong this one but will just put last night under Stuff Nobody Expected

Goff AND Cousins combine for almost 1000 yards on a Thursday is insane.

Too early to say you’re wrong imo. Mahomes is going to light up denver too. Maybe not 400 yards and 4 TDs but I’m betting he gets close to it and if anyone has a chance of surpassing it, he does.

Just be glad you’re not going up against Mahomes and Cousins in a superflex this week…