Patrick Mahommes Trade

This guy keeps spamming me trades for Mahommes and this is the first one that made me pause a second.

I send: David Johnson, Mike Evans
I receive: Patrick Mahommes, David Montgomery, Tyrell Williams

I still think this is a clear no but during the offseason everyone kept saying if Mahommes threw for close to 50 touchdowns again he’d be a first round pick and after 2 weeks that’s not out of the realm of possibility. Thoughts?

I want to trade for Mahomes, but his stock is too high right now. I have Watson and was gonna try to flip Watson and someone else for him. Not worth giving up DJ and Evans two sure fire 1s this early in my opinion.

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Would you do Devonta Freeman + Mike Evans for Patrick Mahomes + David Montgomery?

I’d make that trade.

The David Johnson + Mike Evans for Mahomes + Montgomery + Tyrell Williams trade?