Patriots D

I have patriots D and am in first place. So I don’t necessarily need to make any moves.

But a league mate of mine asked what the going price was for patriots d.

What do you guys think? WR1? RB1? Am I crazy?

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I have Patriots as well. Had Tyreek Hill get injured as well as Saquon. Pat’s D carried me to 3 wins during the Hill-Barkley injury stretch and again this past weekend when I had Fuller and Kerryon go down. To me, they are every bit worth a high end WR2, low end WR1 and same with RB.

That said, I don’t see them being worth that a few weeks from now. Their schedule is much tougher in the back half of the season. Will still be a top defense for sure, but if you can get high value for them now, I think you can get just as much fantasy production in the coming weeks with teams like the Steelers, Jets or Bills who all have nice schedules coming up.

Pittsburgh would be my top pickup if you do decide to trade. They are playable pretty much every week from here on out IMO.