Patriots Flex Decision Week 1

.5 ppr

Rex Burkhead, or Chris Hogan in the flex week 1?

Hogan. Rex is not 100%

there saying rex will play slot and play through his tear all season so I would go with Hogan for sure

help with mine…

Hogan, it’s not even close.

Also @Sidthekid stop hijacking everyone else’s thread. It’s super confusing and kind of annoying. Let others comment on your thread as they go through it, which I already did btw, but don’t start hijacking conversations. Created so much confusion in some of the other threads already.

@MikeMeUpp I’m not sure what you mean by hijacking other people’s thread. I just commented my opinion on this thread which player he should go wth imo.

Sorry wrong tag bro. I meant @Springtx1983