Pats D & Golden Tate for

What would you give up. Tried to make a deal but no bites. RB1, WR1? Pats D is basically a WR1 ROS, Tate could be a W2.

I think people are frowning on trading for a defense, at least in my league but the Pats schedule is a joke. Hell, I used my waiver on them week two which is also frowned upon. Nobody uses a waiver on a defense but their schedule…geez. Nothing is saying they can’t keep flattening teams.

Tate, who knows. He could blow up or become completely irrelevant.

I think you comparing the Pats D to a WR1 is the issue. The defense has been great but they aren’t going to get 15-20 points a week like a WR1. You are probably asking way too much.

True, but the numbers are there and so is their schedule. The probability they can do it is there. At least a low end WR1 high WR2. Meh…probably just keep them. I don’t have to stream defenses and will need Tate for byes. If I was losing though I would try try to get something right now.