Pay 10 bucks a month yet no top 200?

How in the heck do I pay 10 bucks a month for access, only to find out I have to pay another $29 to see what is freely available on the web? Seems like a bit of a money grab. Love the show, but this is silly.

A $10 patreon subscription gets you:
BONUS weekly podcast
Monthly livestream
Early access to shows in offseason
Access to #FootClan leagues
Unlock premium resources
Game day alerts

The UDK is cheaper with the FootClan discount code and even cheaper when pre-ordered.

All well worth it to me. Sorry to hear you were not impressed.

so i get where you’re coming from. I’m broke right now, barely working 20 hours a week and $29 is sometimes a full day of work for me. but these guys give everything for something that is just a hobby for you and I, so i feel like $29 isn’t that bad?


I getya, it’s just adp or top 200 is easily found for free, I feel silly having to go elsewhere to get it. I only pay the 10 bucks for support and the rankings.