Pay Cook for Conner (already own Bell)

8 man, half-ppr, keeper league.
I am the Bell owner. Do I trade away Dalvin Cook for James Conner?
My other RBs are Hunt + A.P. + Kerryon Johnson + R.Penny.

I would then have the option to keep Conner next year, IF he’s as good as he looked last week. Note that I am a Steelers fan, and might be a bit biased :slight_smile:

Kind regards
Mads from across the pond in Denmark

I don’t love that idea. Just for when Bell comes back you basically lose Conner. If you don’t make that trade you keep Cook all season and he is just going to get better then have Bell as well when he returns. I think Cook will be as good as Conner at least the same tier.

Yeah dude you’re in an 8 team league. Your team should be good with or without Bell honestly.

Kareem hunt had an off week but I’d rather have Hunt. I actually traded Connor for hunt. You’ll be okay. Keep Cook

Ok, thanks both of you. I’ll keep Cook.
Apparently I just needed someone to tell me, who doesn’t wear black/yellow Steelers glasses :wink:

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