Pay up for Melvin?

Is trading Fournette Olsen and k. Allen too much for Melvin? I have Barkley, and green woods and sanders as other receivers.

As a Gordon owner good luck prying him from me especially with an offer like that. You need to do better for the owner to even think about it.

Also would reject that as a Melvin owner. So if you can get him for that go do it.

I agree I’m a Melvin owner to

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Gordon is near Gurley territory this year to me. I am not sure it would ever make sense to trade him unless you have signifcant issues at other positions.

Olsen is a dude who probably won’t last the season. Fournette has yet to play a full game. Allen is a stud but hasn’t shown it yet. Given your WR depth, if you can work this trade out, you should jump on it. Melvin Gordon is currently a top 3 RB in the league.

Would you trade Gordon for kareem hunt and OBJ?

Its getting close but I think I would say no.

That’s probably close in value. Would depend if I felt OBJ would really upgrade my WRs.