Penalizing Owners

So I am the commissioner in an ESPN LM league, and I wanted to know if I could do a specific thing. If I cant, I am open to suggestions.

What I want to accomplish is to penalize owners a certain amount of “free agent budget” for things like not paying league fees on time, or starting a player on a bye week. Is this possible as the Commish in ESPN, and if not, what else can I do as a penalty that you guys and gals like?

ESPN league manager tab you can change people’s FAAB directly.

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I think any rule to keep people active and committed is great. Obviously if you have an owner that doesn’t hit the waiver wire often this won’t affect them. But I’m all for it!


Got it. Thanks!!

In my league we make ppl pay their league fees at the draft. If they don’t have it at the time of the draft we freeze all FA transactions for that team. If they don’t pay by a certain week we start implementing a weekly point handicap that increases over time until debt is settled.

I took the Ballers advise, and made a written rules sheet. I decided that each week the fee isn’t paid they will lose $20 in FAAB money (out of $200) until it is paid and it starts with a $20 penalty if not paid by draft time through week 1, then each game week following is $20 more.