Penalty for QBs

Pretty simple, but should a QB get penalized for getting sacked? Trying to convince my commish of removing the -2 point penalty against the qb for getting sacked. I’d be happy if they at least would drop it down to .5 point or something. Its my 2nd year in the league and I don’t want to step on their toes as im the newest member. but yea. What yall think? @ffballers @fantasyfootballers

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I don’t think they should be punished for getting sacked. Although some QBs get sacked of their own accord by holding the ball to long, for the most part, its because either 1) defender made an unbelievable play (read: Mack) or 2) your o-line is straight trash (Read: Giants / Texans). QB should not be punished for a bad Oline.

If you were to punish a QB for getting sacked, than you should also reward them for avoiding a sack (read: Wilson / Watson / Cam). But given the latter is impossible to score, I think you should remove the penalty.

This is ridiculous. Do they punish a RB who gets tackled in the backfield for a loss? Whether it is a TFL or a Sack the end result is the same, the team loss yardage. It’s silly to punish a QB and not punish a RB for a TFL or a WR for a drop. And just to be clear I don’t think any of those scenarios warrant a punishment. If they absolutely want a punishment, I would push for .5 and just deal with it.

Well technically, you do get punished. You get negative yards for negative points. So the argument for this would be well, if you rush for positive yards as a QB, you get points so getting sacked is like rushing for negative yards.

Having said that, I agree with you that punishing a QB for a sack is stupid. Especially considering its -2 points which is like -20 yards rushing.

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Fair enough. I guess I didn’t think that all the way through. Lol.

The stupidity of the rule rubbed off on me and now I’m ashamed of myself. :disappointed_relieved:

I guess I was thinking more along the lines of there isn’t a specific punishment for the tackle for loss in addition to the lost yardage. Either way, I think we are on the same page.

Yeah heard you on that one. What I was saying is that technically, its imbalanced that QBs get credit for positive rushing yards, but can like and attempt a rush that results in a sack for lost yardage but doesn’t get punished like RBs do. So I can see where OP is coming from recommending the -0.5 points. Cause that is like losing 5 yards which is typically what a sack costs a team (obviously that varies and some can be much more).