Pending Trade Offer!

Would you accept this trade:

Giving Up: Larry Fitz & Mark Ingram

Getting: OBJ

I have:
Tom Brady
Todd Gurley
Jordan Howard
Cooper Kupp
Tyler Boyd
Quincy Enunwa

I’m all about this trade since you have Gurley and Howard. I’d take it. Esp bc Ingram hasn’t even played yet and has his obvious upside potential but we just don’t know anything for sure yet. OBJ is back to himself, and you need WR’s.

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I would accept it

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thanks man! also, that makes my bye weeks for rb’s harder. My only rb on my bench is Bilal Powell. starting lineup if I don’t make the trade (after week 4) would be: Brady, Gurey, Howard, Fitz, Cooper Kupp and Mark Ingram.

If I did the trade: Brady, Gurley, Howard, OBJ, Kupp & Boyd.

Am I just overthinking this and just accept that trade haha