Penny if I’m Carson owner

I am the Carson owner; should I continue holding Penny or is it safe to drop him after Carson’s two big games… how important is it to hold this handcuff vs picking up maybe Mattison instead

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I think right now, unless you need the space hold him. He’s already had the reigns this year and not just an injury but a fumble from Carson can give them back. I do see the appeal in Mattison though. He’s involved and Cook has injury history. Unless you plan on putting Mattison in to start in flex or something, why trade one guy you’re not playing for another one you won’t?

Plus, say hypothetically Cooks goes out his value transfers to Mattias. Cooks comes back that value goes back to a player you don’t own. If Penny comes in, then cycled out, his value transfers back you. I’d bet on Wilson being able to get the most out his situation over Cousins finding his way out of a wet paper bag. He did have a decent week though. Against the Giants

I see your point and I think I agree. I was throwing Mattison out as a handcuff example, however was wondering more in general if he’s worth holding.

Coleman is on my waivers and I want to pick him up; penny seems to be my best bet at a drop unless I move on from singletary or Ronald Jones

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I would definitely try to get Coleman. SF lost their fullback for about a month. They use the FB more than any other team(54%). That situation lends itself to Coleman’s skillset as the more power back between he and Breida. One of the best running teams in the league. Nice defense. Jimmy G is figuring it out. He could work his way into your lineup

Would you drop Penny in this case, or Ronald Jones? I like Singletary and buffalo has been pretty good so I want to hold on to him.

My RBs are Carson, Kerryon, Montgomery, Singletary, R. Jones, Penny

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I totally see your situation. Jones has been getting some production but its sort of 3 headed monster down there. Which week will he get his? Barber vultured a TD. Honestly I’d drop Montgomery and snag Coleman. He can’t find a hole on an already struggling offense. They’re on bye. When will you get any value from him?

Definitely would drop Penny for Coleman

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You’d keep Montgomery? Out of what he has and what he’s trying to achieve?

I think at this point it’s Carson’s job and the only way he loses it is by injury where Montgomery is still a starter. I also think a world exists where if Carson goes out the job gets split between penny and procise.

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I’m not dropping Montgomery. He’s a rookie whos getting decent work and doesn’t have much competition in the backfield… hoping he blows up later in the season

I was leaning more towards dropping Ronald Jones only because I can’t predict what’s going on in Tampa. It seems like a committee back, in which case Id rather have the SF committee back

I want to drop Penny but I’m very hesitant

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I would keep Penny, he’s a Cuff for your top back and Carosn while he played great in two games the fumble issue can cause him to get benched and he is linked to Russel Wilson. I’d rather have a player linked to Wilson then Cousins. Based off your RBs Mattison will just be a roster clog unless you have intentions of Trading him and one of your other RBs to the Cook owner, for maybe an upgrade at RB.

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I ended up dropping Penny to pick up Fuller… I went for Coleman but didn’t get him

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As a fellow Carson owner this is my two cents:

If in a league with FAAB, “safe” to drop if you think there’s an opportunity with someone else. You can always try buying him back.

If you’re still under waiver priority I may keep him if Carson is your RB1.


I’m in FAAB and I Never really looked at that way… I don’t want to overbid if I can keep him for free, but you gotta do what you gotta do if you need a start… can always try to buy him back

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