Penny must take with carson?

How important do you guys feel taking Penny will be if you take Carson? I feel like I’ve been seeing penny going earlier and earlier each mock draft that I do and I’m starting to wonder if I’m gonna have to reach for him in my draft that I plan on taking carson with my 4th rounder. Would you guys reach for a handcuff pick?

I wouldn’t not reach for a handcuff pick, and I usually never take handcuff picks to begin with.

It’s your team though, and if handcuffs make you feel safer, then absolutely reach a round to get your guy.

However, do you really want to spend your 4th and 6th round picks to fill one position?

to be fair, he isnt a real handcuff. he is the second RB but that still means somewhere around 200 rushes for that team. to answer the question though, no its not worth grabbing both IMO. not with their ADPs.