Penny Or Guice?

Have the 1.02 in my rookie draft, what are you guys feeling, Guice or Penny? I like the reliability of Guice on a good offence with the 1st and 2nd down work but i’m drawn to the skill of Penny even with that bad O-line and defense at the Seahawks.

Have the same decision, and Michel is in the mix for me too. As for those two players, I guess I’m leaning Penny at this point. He seems to have a lot more pass catching ability so the defense being a lot worse might not really matter if he’s involved on 3rd downs too. Like you alluded to the same can’t be said for Guice with Thompson there. To be honest though, it feels to me like you can’t really go too wrong. They both are going to have a ton of volume and great opportunity to be the lead in their respective offenses.

If you’re truly torn, try to trade down haha and have someone else make the decision for you

I wound up moving out of the 1.02 and really like the haul I wound up with (though I used some of the acquired picks to make 2 other trade backs after)

although penny has pass catching chops, his pass protection needs a lot of work so i dont think he will be in on a lot of 3rd downs.

for me it comes down to which team they are on will give each the most opportunity. with the redskins offense and deffense, you know they will give him more chances. the hawks are in a weird spot. its a rebuild/reload/just let wilson do his thing. i just have a feeling there will be games where penny is just not used at all. but guice should be consistently used. so between those 2, i still lean guice.

Penny is poor at pass pro, but Seahawks drafted him stating that they love his skill set and how he can operate with their situation (OL) which I do think will lead to being there on 3rd downs and a lot of volume. If Chris Thompson comes back healthy he’s for sure taking 3rd down work from Guice. Going Penny here based on expected volume.

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Pass pro is pretty overblown. Backs are used far more for catching passes than blocking these days.

That said, I trust no Sea RB until they show some intention to address that OL, and think Guice is the significantly better prospect anyway. I really do think there’s more of a drop off after Barkely and Guice than most people care to recognize. I think the ‘Not a pass catcher’ label for Guice is ridiculous. He wasn’t asked to do it at LSU. None of their backs really are. To suggest he can’t just because of that is a mistake.

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there are a lot of backs that can catch that just arnt used that way. so sure yeah he probably can, but thats not what they drafted him for. you can expect the usual 30+ catches that every back gets by default basically, but hope for 50+.

and pass protection may not be a big deal to us, but it is to coaches. its the difference of a MLB taking the head off of your franchise QB (IE russell wilson) to not even having to worry about it and russel getting a first… somehow. so it will be a factor on downs where the play is designed to be a pass block to late release.

but i agree, its hard to look at that o line and be inspired. sheer volume will make him relevent, if things go that way. i would expect less than 4 a carry though.

I really don’t think it is. Backs really aren’t asked to block likw they used to be. I really think pass pro, as a legit knock on an RB is either largely a media construction, or a hold ober from an NFL that largely doesn’t exist anymore. Exhibit A: McCaffrey is an abject disaster in pass pro and is likely going to be the most frequently used passing down back in the league.

thats more of a scheme thing IMO. i still see RBs sit back and pass block constantly. its usually late releases so they can still catch. i dont think its gone i think it has just evolved. because no you dont see it like you used to, but we also dont see running like we used to. doesnt mean its gone, just evolved. besides, who doesnt want a complete back. and dont forget where he landed, with an old school coach who has that hold over from the NFL of old.

in the end we are talking about the difference of probably 5% of snaps, so i think we can agree on one thing. i dont trust it completely until they finally address that o line after all these years.

Is definitely prefer he could, just not overly concerned that he can’t.

Made that decision today.

Went Guice. Younger. More talent all around and if anything hapoens to Thompson he is a 3 down back because he can block and catch if needed.

I still think prosise has a job with the seahawks because penny is terrible at pass blocking


Are the ballers rankings out yet? I thought i heard that on the show…

i have the 1.02 and no idea where to go. Def not going penny, i dont believe in the seahawks run game. Its also hard for me to go guice cause of the competition there. but as of right now im leaning guice. though i may flirt with the idea of trading down to get ronald jones cause he will have the best opportunity or even sony michel cause i need a fitness consigliere.

the Rankings are in the UDK they have barkley,penny,then guice for top 3 personally im having trouble with this to im on the clock now and have reached out to all the guys in the top 7 doesnt seem like ill be able to trade out of the 1.02. I might just go for it and grab RoJo.

There is no competition in Washington, there are bodies. Perine is a back up and I doubt Kelly makes the roster.

I would have preferred Guice.