Penny vs Guice

I think it was easy to pick Penny over Guice earlier in the season considering the draft pedigree of both players in the NFL draft. However, with Carroll going on and on about Carson, would we rather grab Guice over Penny in a half PPR league? Penny has the upside, but I think Guice has more opportunity. I’ve found myself in MANY mock drafts deciding between the two.

It should have always been Guice.

The Ballers ALL have Penny projected over Guice. Do you think that changes with the news?

No idea, but I don’t take their rankings as gospel. I respect their opinions, but I think they are, and have been wrong in this. Honestly, I don’t think it’s that close.

True, no one wants to be a rankings slave. Penny had the upside of being a 3-down back workhorse back, hence why I wanted him before. This news from Carroll though, I’d have to agree Guice is the pick now.

I think Guice very much has that upside too. I also think he’s the best pure runner in this class (or last year’s).

Opportunity over talent. I believe both are very talented; however, Guice has a clearer path to being the starter in my opinion.

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